Topic: ISCB Wikipedia Competition 2018: entries open now! 

1.  ISCB Wikipedia Competition 2018: entries open now!

Posted 10 days ago
Dear all,
In case you haven't seen our announcements on Twitter or on the ISCB mailing list, the 2018 ISCB Wikipedia Competition is open now! For the first time, we are running the competition over Semester 2, with a view to retiming future competitions to run over the full academic year as of this July. The deadline for entries for the current competition is May 25.
The link to the announcement page is:
If you're a teacher or trainer, it would be great if you could (a) encourage your students to enter, and (b) consider using the competition as part of your in-class assessments.
The competition is an ideal way to improve Wikipedia coverage of computational biology and bioinformatics topics which have been researched for term papers, for example. In past years, we've found it to be useful for graduate students to add text from their literature reviews to relevant Wikipedia articles. It's also perfect for encouraging students to communicate their work to a non-specialist audience.
Please contact me if you have any questions or if I can help in any way.


Alastair M. Kilpatrick
MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine